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Terms and Conditions:-

We, Menabilly Holidays, arrange bookings of holiday accommodation as agents to the owners of such accommodation. Any reference to either 'us' or 'we' in these Booking Conditions refers to Menabilly Holidays acting on behalf of ‘the Owner'. References to "you" or "your" are references to the person making the booking and all members of the holiday party.

Your booking
Paying for your accommodation
Cancellations or changes to your reservation by us
Website details
Death, personal injury or loss of property
If you change or cancel your reservation
Your accommodation
Your rights

Your booking:-

  • You must be 18 years or over when you book your accommodation. Your booking is made as a consumer and you acknowledge that no liability can be accepted for any business losses howsoever suffered or incurred by you.

    When we issue our written confirmation to you, the Owner enters into a contract with you, which is subject to these Booking Conditions. We have the right to refuse any booking prior to the issue of our written confirmation, and if we do this we will tell you in writing and promptly refund any money you have paid us.

    When your confirmation is received, the details must be checked carefully. If anything is not correct you should tell us immediately.

Paying for your accommodation:-

  • When you book your accommodation you should pay the amount then due by debit or credit card when submitting your on-line Booking Form. We then send you an acknowledgement that your e-mail was sent and confirmation of your booking by e-mail within 48 hours. You will then receive written confirmation as soon as reasonably possible showing your reservation details and the balance of your cost which must be received by us no later than 8 weeks before your arrival date. However, if you book less than 8 weeks before the arrival date, payment of the total cost (including any insurance premiums) is due straightaway. For accommodation booked less than 2 weeks before departure your reservation must be paid for by debit or credit card, or by bank transfer, at the time of booking.

    All prices quoted on this web-site or otherwise advised to you include all booking fees, charges, and, where applicable, Value Added Tax (at 17.5%) and Insurance Premium Tax (at 17.5%). Should the VAT or IPT rates increase, or any government bodies introduce additional taxes or levies, which affect the price of your holiday, we reserve the right to pass on any increases.

    Occasionally we make offers giving you the chance to book your accommodation either at a lower than usual or a nil deposit. Details of any additional terms specific to the offer will be notified to you prior to or on making your booking and should be read in conjunction with these Booking Conditions.

    If you book accommodation at either a lower than usual or a nil deposit you also agree to pay the difference between the amount paid and the usual deposit either at the time the balance of the cost is due, or at the time of cancellation if you cancel your booking. Please refer to Sections 3 and 6 for details regarding cancellations.

    If your bank returns your payment to us unpaid, we reserve the right to make an administration charge of £25.

Cancellations or changes to your reservation by us

  • We would not expect to have to make any changes to your reservation, but sometimes problems occur and we do have to make alterations. If this does happen, we will contact you as soon as is reasonably practical, explain what has happened and inform you of the cancellation or the change.

    If we have to change something (and the change is not acceptable to you) or if we have to cancel your original reservation, we will, if possible and as soon as reasonably practical, arrange alternative accommodation of similar type and standard in a similar location for the same or similar time of year (though we reserve the right to charge you any difference in price if the alternative is advertised at a higher price than the original accommodation). If the change or the alternative accommodation is acceptable you must inform us within 48 hours of you being advised of the change or proposed alternative accommodation; otherwise we will treat your booking as cancelled and refund any money you have paid us.

    Except where otherwise expressly stated in these Conditions, we shall not be liable for changes, cancellations or any other effect on your holiday which is due to any event(s) beyond our control or beyond our control ("force majeure"). In appropriate cases (for example where we have to cancel your booking before departure) we will however refund all monies paid to us for your booking. No compensation will be payable in such circumstances.

Web-site details:-

  • We aim to ensure that the information provided by us is accurately conveyed on the web-site or advertised by us. There may be small differences between the actual accommodation and its description, and we are always seeking to improve services and facilities. Occasionally, problems mean that some facilities or services become unavailable, and if this is the case we will tell you as soon as reasonably practical after we have been made aware of the situation. Similarly, we cannot accept responsibility for any changes or closures to area amenities or attractions mentioned on this web-site.

Death, personal injury or loss of property:-

  • We shall have no liability to you for the death or personal injury to you or any member of your party, unless this results from an act or omission on our part or in the case of the Owner unless it results from the Owner's act or omission.

    You must take all necessary steps to safeguard your personal property. No liability to you is accepted in respect of damage to or loss of such property except, in the case where the damage or loss is caused by our negligence.

If you change or cancel your reservation:-

  • (i) Changes

    If you want us to change your reservation once we have issued your confirmation, an administration fee of £25 will be payable to us once any change has been made. However, it is important to realise that we may have to treat requests for changes of accommodation or dates as the cancellation of one reservation and the booking of another. In such cases cancellation charges may be incurred which may be as much as the total cost of your reservation. We will advise you if this is the case and you must then inform us within 48 hours whether you wish to continue with the original reservation or if you still wish to change your booking. If you advise us that you do not wish to continue with your original booking arrangements or fail to contact us within the 48 hours we shall treat your original booking as being cancelled by you.

  • (ii) Cancellations

    If you have to cancel your reservation you must telephone or e-mail us on the number or address shown on your booking confirmation as soon as the reason for cancellation occurs. You must also confirm your cancellation in writing sent immediately to us by recorded delivery to the address shown in the brochure. The day we receive your telephone notification of cancellation is the date on which your reservation is cancelled. A cancellation charge will be payable, based on the number of days before the arrival date we received your cancellation, as shown in the following table. This means that if you have paid the balance of the cost and then have to cancel, you may receive a refund of part of the cost. However, if you have not paid the total cost, you may be required to make a further payment to us. For the purpose of this table, cost means the total cost of the reservation, including any extra items,

    Over 6 months:- Full refund
    Between 6 and 2 months:- Lost Deposit

    Thereafter provided we get an alternative booking we will refund all monies paid less deposit.
    In the event of failing to get an alternative booking we would apply the following formula:-

    Between 2 months one month's notice:- 50% of property rental refunded
    Between 1 month and a fortnight's notice:- 25% of property rental refunded
    Less than a fortnight's notice :- 10% of property rental refunded

    At our discretion we may give additional refunds where there are compassionate grounds.

    If any payment due in relation to the reservation is not paid by the appropriate date, we can treat your reservation as cancelled by you and charge you cancellation charges as set out above which can be as high as the total cost of the reservation. We normally send out a reminder to you before we cancel your reservation, although we may charge you £10 for each reminder we send.

Your accommodation:-

  • You can arrive at your accommodation after 15.00 hours on the start date of your holiday and you must leave by 10.00 hours on the last day. If your arrival will be delayed, you must contact the person whose details are given on the location guide so that alternative arrangements can be made. If you fail to do so you may not be able to gain access to the accommodation. If you fail to arrive by mid day on the day after the start date and you do not advise the contact of a late arrival we may treat the booking as cancelled by you.

    You are responsible for the actual costs of any breakage or damage in or to the accommodation - along with any additional costs that may result - which are caused by you or your party, and we can require payment from you to cover any such costs.

    We require that the cottage be left reasonably clean and tidy at the end of your holiday. A security deposit may be requested in advance of your stay. If a security deposit is required then the amount of the deposit will be notified to you prior to or upon placing your booking. We will refund this as soon as reasonably possible after the holiday as long as you or your party has not caused any damage or loss and the accommodation has been left in good order.

    We are entitled to refuse to hand over to you, or to repossess, the accommodation if they reasonably believe that any damage is likely to be caused by you or your party or can repossess the accommodation if damage has been caused. These circumstances will be treated as a cancellation by you and Section 6 will apply.

    You cannot allow more people than the party size states to stay in the accommodation, nor can you significantly change the makeup of the party during the duration of your stay in the accommodation, nor can you take your pet into the accommodation unless it has been arranged in advance and it is shown on your confirmation. If you do so, we can refuse to hand over the accommodation to you, or can repossess it. We will treat any of these circumstances as a cancellation by you and Section 6 will apply.

    If you take a pet with you, it is not allowed on beds or chairs, or in any central facilities such as swimming pools or shops. Pets should not be left unattended in the accommodation, and dogs should be exercised on a lead.

    You must allow us or any representative access at any reasonable time during your stay.


  • Every effort has been made to ensure that you have an enjoyable and memorable holiday. If however, you have any cause for complaint we are anxious that remedial action is taken as soon as possible.

    It is essential that you contact us or our representative immediately if any problem arises so that it can be speedily resolved. It is often extremely difficult (and sometimes impossible) to resolve difficulties properly unless we are promptly notified. Discussion of any criticisms with us or our representative whilst you are in residence will usually enable shortcomings to be rectified straightaway. In particular, complaints of a transient nature (for example, regarding preparation or heating of the accommodation) cannot possibly be investigated unless registered whilst you are in residence.

    This procedure is designed to ensure the speediest possible investigation and rectification of complaints. Please help us help you by following this procedure, as otherwise, we cannot subsequently consider any complaints nor enter into any correspondence about them.


  • The contract between you and the Owner is subject to English law.

Your rights:-

  • Your statutory rights are not affected by anything contained within these booking conditions.


  • An option represents a non-contractual reservation until 14th April of the year preceeding your reservation when the booking will need to be confirmed. The 20% deposit will then be due and the agreement will become subject to the standard booking terms (see above). We will hold the option for you in good faith and notify you promptly before this deadline should it become apparant that the cottage will be unavailable for letting in the week(s) requested. The cost is a holding charge, covers administration, is non-refundable and is non-deductible from the rental.

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